Dynamics, Effect Processors

Dynamics, Effect Processors / Динамическая обработка, процессоры эффектов



Purple Audio MC77

The MC77 recreates the audio circuitry of the revision E 1176, using modern components matched to the original.

Starting in 1997 Purple started making the MC76, an 1176 type compressor base on the D & E version units. (MC is 1100 in roman numerals) At the time the 1176 was not available from any manufacturer. Coming from the repair background it was clear a better built, more road worthy unit could be build and sold new for less than the 20+ year old units that were coming through the shop. After another manufacture brought an 1176 clone on to the market Purple introduced the MC77. The MC77 added new features that were lacking from the original. Thousands of units later Purple keeps its parts and build quality high. Using parts that will last decades. Have a look inside and see for yourself. Toroidal power transformer, the best interlocking switches on the market, conductive plastic potentiometers. Quality for longevity.



Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor (Brit Mod) (x2)

The Distressor is the product that started it all for Empirical Labs. Born of founder Dave Derr’s love of classic compressors like the 1176, LA-2A and Gain Brain (among others), the Distressor incorporates his favorite sonic characteristics of these, along with other unique and interesting features that have made it a staple for audio engineers all over the world.  With over 22,000 units in the field, it’s safe to say that the Distressor is one of the best selling high end compressors of all time….if not THE best selling.  A prominent recording engineer recently wagered that there probably was not a top 40 record made in the last five years that didn’t have at least one Distressor on it.



PV 670 Tube compressor/limiter

A unique electro-optical attenuation system allows instantaneous peak reduction with no increased harmonic distortion, which is directly driven by the input signal, thus achieving an immediate action, always following the musical passages. This way of driving the peak reduction  system of  the  compressor  allows  to obtain a fast, accurate, transparent compression, always prone to follow the musicality of the audio programme,  with  an  extremely  low  distortion  even  on  the highest  rates  of  compression. Fairchild 670 type.


Long DynaQuad GLC — 4-х channel compressor

Compressor, expander, limiter. Unique design.


Alesis 3630 (Long mod)

Modded by Long. Nothing similar to original 3630 crap.



Dangerous Music BAX EQ

The Dangerous BAX EQ was inspired by Peter Baxandall’s legendary 1950’s design that has graced hundreds of millions of home hi fi systems. The BAX EQ’s unique design carves broad, open curves and gentle sloping cuts that are essential for recording, mixing and mastering. Seeking the elusive Top 10 vocal sound? Add that perfect sheen of air. Chasing the chunk in grinding guitars? Dial in the meat. Lush midrange, bottomless bass, and space are achieved effortlessly. Please welcome the BAX EQ to your tools for success- no radical sonic signature to overshadow the music… just your music: neater, richer, sweeter.



Long ParaEQ

PARA EQ 4/8 is built with using the principle of the «proportional Q» and it also has nonlinear dependance of the amount of altering AFC in depending of the angle of controls`s rotation («the more rotation — the faster altering»), and also the possibility of switching ALL of it`s bands into the BELL and SHELF modes, with retaining the ability of the altering «Q» of the filters. All the filters within PARA EQ 4/8 are highly sofisticated and absolutely independent, without interacting with adjacent frequencies.

Long ParaEQ


Long QuadFilter

4 channel HP, LP filter:

a smooth cut off frequency controller for bass from 20 Hz to 1000 Hz;
a smooth cut off frequency control HF from 1000 Hz to 40,000 Hz;
Q-flowing regulators with the ability to create lift at the cut off frequency, independent for the Lo-Cut and Hi-Cut filter;
two-stage switches Slope 12 dB \ octave or 24 dB \ octave, separately for the Lo-Cut and Hi-Cut filter;




TC Electronics — Reverb 4000

Reverb 4000 is a single-engine stereo version of Reverb 6000, featuring the best reverbs and presets from Reverb 6000 and M5000 as well as emulations of numerous immortal classics.

  • True Stereo Reverbs — Ported from Reverb 6000
  • Realistic Environments — from a Closet to a Canyon
  • DAW Integration — via innovative ICON Software

Reverb 4000 Manual — Reverb 4000 Presets


Alesis Midiverb II (Krosh mod)

The Alesis Midiverb II is a full stereo professional quality multiple effects device that doesn’t require a professional to operate. The great variety of sounds heard in modern music production have been captured in Midiverb II for instant recall through either manual control or MIDI command.





Roland DC-30 (vintage analog chorus/echo)

The DC-30 is BBD analog chorus/delay unit made by Roland. The repeat rate is very sensitive and subtle and the intensity knob allows for endless repeats. Its a very dark sounding delay with a very smooth sound.

Roland_DC-30 — DC-30_SERVICE_NOTES


Long Exciter II

2-channel psychoacoustic processor Exciter II. Two selectable modes.