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Diezel Herbert

The HERBERT has 3 different, perfectly independent preamps, which permit it to tweak the sound for all possible music styles. The HERBERT delivers easily from clean to crunsh to ultra gain sounds without much impact to the volume of the amp. The basic concept is to get all possible sounds at minimum tweaking trouble, without compromises. Made in Germany.

Pre Amp: Feat. 3 completely independent channels
EQ gain, treble, mid, bass, volume per channel
add. gain switch on Channel 2
switchable mid. cut with adjustable volume
Tubes 12AX7
Power Amp: Power 180 Watt
Tubes 6 x 6L6 or alternate type
Master Section 2 x volume / presence, deep, FX – return MX
Speaker — Out 4,8,16 Ohm

Herbert_English — Herbert_Settings

Diezel V412F G12K100 — 4×12 Cabinet

  • Made in Germany.
  • Celestion G12K100 speaker: 240W
  • 8Ohm mono or 16Ohm Stereo



Reeves Custom 50

Constructed to the exact same specifications as 1970’s British design with Partridge replica transformers, dual channel pre-amp with 4 Inputs (2 Normal, 2 Bright). Normal volume and bright volume, bass, middle, treble, presence and master volume controls. Like all Reeves Amplifiers, the Custom 50 is entirely hand assembled using only the finest quality components assembled on a Garolite turret board utilizing «Mil-Spec» wiring techniques.

  • All-tube circuit
  • Hand wired turret board construction
  • 50 watts via 2 EL34 output tubes (Custom 50)
  • 3 12AX7 preamp tubes and 1 12AT7 phase inverter
  • Transformers wound to original Partridge specifications
  • Switchable 4, 8, and 16 ohm impedance switch
  • Made in USA

REEVES CUSTOM 50 owner’s manual



Hiwatt SE2121F — 2×12 Cabinet

Loaded with two Fane designed Hiwatt 75w 12” speakers, a very powerful 150w compact cabinet for use with any of the guitar amps. Impedence 16 Ohm.




Two separate channels, effects loop and the same high quality of components sourced from the best the world has to offer like the USA Classic Tone output transformer mean the Bulldozer sound and power are still unmistakeable.


Yerasov Bull (H) 412V Vintage 30 — 4×12 Cabinet

The Bull 412H is a closed design guitar cabinet with a bevelled top that enhanced sound dispersion and the tough 18mm plywood is designed not only to stand up to life on the road but to provide a solid base for when the four 12 inch speakers are working hard.


Yerasov Bluespace — Jensen P12N 1×12 combo

The Bluespace is a high end combo for stage and studio work when the ultimate in tone is needed. Point to point wiring like the classic amps that defined the sound of the electric guitar is teamed with and all valve signal path that suits everything from blues to rock. High and Low sensitivity inputs allow you to control how your guitar interacts with the amp and a three band eq makes finding the right tone simplicity itself. A genuine Accutronics spring reverb is controlled by a footswitch to add everything from a gentle shimmer to rich deep rolling reverb.





1×12″ Rear loaded cab

Eminence Legend V128

8 ohm


1×12″ Front loaded cab

Fane Medusa 150C

8 ohm



Udaloff A5 — High End tube power amp

A-5 is a 5 watt single-ended amplifier for use with electric guitar. The circuit is hand-wired using only the highest quality components. A-5 is assembled using a compact stainless steel (1.5 mm thick) case and possesses a very low SNR. The filament power uses DC.

There are two ways to achieve the tube saturation on A-5

1) If the output of guitar pickups is high, one can set the Gain knob to 2 o’clock. The pre-amp’s tube will make the sound thicker, stressing the second soft harmonic, yet still not changing the sound radically. Despite the lack of radical changes, the perception of this sound will be different.

2) Up to 1 W the post amplifier of this devices has a very low number of total harmonic distortions (0,5 W = 0,03%). On increasing the power the amount of distortions noticeably increases as well. This is a characteristic trait of the single-ended amplifiers. The distortions produced by the final gain stage can also be used to give the sound a final touch.

The output power of 5 watts is enough to make the loudspeaker in the cabinet «breathe», without damaging our hearing. The amplifier is both suited for home and professional studio use.Despite it’s low power and small size A-5 can sound both aggressive and soft, depending on the guitar player’s intention and skills, thus making it suited for absolutely different musical tasks.

The knob PUNCH is a new way of adjusting the balance of low and high mids. In its right-most position this knob makes the sound thicker and melodious, while in its left-most position the knob makes the sound thinner and brighter. This allows to adjust the amplifier for use with any pick-ups and loudspeakers.

Pre amplification : 12AX7
Input Impendence : 1M
Output power : 5 W
Bandwidth : 40-60000 Hz ± 0,3 dB
Linearity of amplitude-frequency response : 40 HZ — 75000 Hz ± 0,3 dB

Udaloff T-328 Tube preamp/distortion


T-328 is a tube based distortion effect for electric guitars. T-328 has a broad sound with a typical of tube’s sound nature of upper harmonics. The grainy texture of sound is complimented by sharp attack. The device has no interstage filters in its circuit that would alter the sound of the pickup or that would cut the high frequencies. Therefore the sound of device is is transparent and allows to preserve the sound of strings, pickups, wood and the type of pick. This brings life into the playing process and allows to control the smallest nuances.

The gain adjustment ranges from light drive — Crunch, to heavy distortion — Hi Gain.

For those who like speedy passages and arpeggios at 32 or 64 nots, there is a special switch on the back panel, which enables a special limiting mode. The mode accentuates the mid range, thus being closer in nature to overdrive, but the sound retains its density and the ease of playing remains unchanged.

Udaloff Crunch harmonics injector


Crunch harmonics injector — is a new series of MOSFET based distortion effects for electric guitars. This is a versatile pedal which can produce both light crunch and thick overdrive when amplification level is set to maximum. The sound of this unit is clean and posses high dynamics making it comparable to the best tube based effect units. Each note in a chord is audible and the transition from attack to sustain is smooth.

The pedal combines both the smoothness and the brightness of sound textures during the attack. Crunch harmonics injector features a unique design which allows for a sound which sets it aside from other devices and gives new possibilities and sensations from guitar playing. It is a standalone unit for adding overdrive, from mild to moderate distortion. It can also be used to provide additional amplification to High Gain amplifiers if more tightness and thickness are required.

Udaloff Hi-Gain harmonics injector


The Hi-Gain Harmonics Injector — is a new product in the MOSFET line of distortion effects for electric guitar. The sound of this pedal is characterised by extreme clarity: each note in a chord is audible, even with high levels of gain. This pedal has a remarkable, unique sound texture — the upper harmonics are crisp, while the mid-range is saturated and roaring while retaining clarity and tightness. Dynamics are comparable to tube-based effect units. The Hi-Gain Harmonics Injector sounds bright and clear, giving each note definition, without a trail of mud. It features a unique design which gives new possibilities and sensations from guitar playing. It is meant to be used as a stand alone unit for adding maximum overdrive.

Hi-Gain Harmonics Injector features a unique design which sets it apart from other effects and gives new possibilities and allows new sensations from guitar playing. The unit is meant to be used as a stand alone High Gain Distortion effect or as a replacement for the High-Gain channel of a guitar amplifier if more tightness is needed.


PC-2A Tube Compressor


Setting the standard in natural, musical, super low-noise compression – this little compressor will inspire you to play and create music. The PC-2A is a true vintage studio compressor in a stompbox – there are no VCA chips, opamps or budget components in the signal path which is 100% analogue and built on a hand selected photo-cell, polyester coupling capacitors, precision resistors (with silver/palladium contacts) and Philips N.O.S. (new old stock) 6111 subminiature tube operating at real amp plate voltages all on a special silver-plated printed circuit board.


Fire Bottle Tube Boost


The Fire Bottle™ is a very classy tool designed for pushing tube amps into breakup and overdrive. This compact, all-tube booster pedal has a warm and musical personality and is way more toneful and responsive than opamp or transistor boost/drive stompboxes. It’s essentially a vintage tube amplifier input stage in a pedal that works as a clean boost on lower gain settings or, when running at full-tilt, push your tube amp into beautiful overdrive. It can add some warmth and growl to thicken up your tone without losing definition and clarity.


Mercury Tube Fuzz


The MERCURY™ fuzz pushes vacuum tube technology to its absolute limits for some devastatingly thick and rich fuzz sounds that are not attainable with traditional transistor fuzzes. This beautiful little pedal is built on a vintage, hand selected space grade pencil tube and N.O.S. germanium point-contact crystal diodes – there’s a lot of glass in this pedal! This combination of hot biased and cold-biased tube gain stages followed by a crystal diode asymmetric clipping circuit delivers a beautiful blend of thermionic and solid-state fuzzed guitar tone with unprecendented clarity and string-to-string definition

TF 2A Mercury Owners Manual



The Tube-Vibe™ is a no compromise, innovative & original re-design of the classic Uni-Vibe. The pre-amp, mixer and phase-shifters sections are built on triode tubes operating at real amp plate voltages and it has a powerful L.F.O. that makes it possible to sculpt thick, swampy vibe tones at higher modulation rates through to textural & spacious chorus effects at slower rates. The tone is outrageously cool – it’s absolutely the lushest, most psychedelic sounding guitar pedal there is! One of those devices that epitomise analogue with it’s unique, slightly blurry, liquid phase-chorused tone, impossible to simulate.


Tube Drive Overdrive


This beautifully built all tube overdrive pedal can create a wide pallette of tones from rich, full-bodied blues, to authentic classic rock distortion and even smooth, creamy modern guitar tones. The Tube Drive™ contains Three dual triode tubes biased to produce extremely symmetrical signal clipping across 6 cascaded gain stages. In practice this means the pedal responds empathically to pick attack with a smooth and graceful breakup characteristic on low drive settings, producing an expressive warm blues tone.


Atomic Power Supply


The mighty Atomic™ Isolated Power Supply was developed to meet the high power requirements of Effectrode tube effects pedals. Properly designed tube pedals require much more power than solid-state effects because of the tube heaters and high voltage operation. To get an idea take a look at the size of the transformers inside a vintage or boutique tube amp. The Atomic supplies a massive 6 amps – enough energy to power up to four of our tube pedals without compromising tone quality.





BK Butler Tube Driver


  • The design and sound is the same as the original (as supplied to Eric Johnson, David Gilmour, etc) but with improved parts such as Switchcraft all metal jacks, click pots, etc.
  • Each unit is hand built.
  • The custom variable «Bias» mod version with an additional custom 5th control. The Bias control allows you to adjust the tube characteristics over a wide range. It’s like changing the types of tubes anywhere from a weak 12AU7 to a blistering 12AT7.

BTMB Royal Beaver


This is the ultimate big muff pi clone. It can recreate every muff tone from the first Triangle era version to the Ram’s Head to the Green Russian to the original NYC version and then some. How does it do it? By allowing you to configure each transistor clipping stage’s gain, bias, and + voltage supply. With an extra 3rd transistor clipping stage, and a 4-way EQ switch, it can create new tones you didn’t know were possible from a Big Muff. Runs on a 9VDC power supply or single 9V battery.


Ibanez Tube Screamer TS9 Keeley Mod Plus


The original Ibanez Tube Screamer made history, and Keeley’s TS9 Mod Plus will have you making tonal history of your own. Keeley Effects use the Texas Instruments RC4558P chip, just like early Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamers. Additional mods include replacing the carbon-composite output resistors with metal-film types that don’t introduce noise to the signal and increasing the bass response for full low-end richness, and increasing the overdrive range. The result is a cleaner sound when turned down, twice the gain and drive when cranked, and stock TS808 sounds in between. The bypass circuitry was also improved, as well as the tone control circuit.





The Evolution Overdrive is a highly unique and massively tweaked amalgamation of two of the most famous pedals ever created. The roots of the evolution lie in the 70’s big muff which was used as the basis of the overdrive pedal made by a world renowned UK builder in the early nineties.

18v Power Booster


Sonic replica of the original 18v Colorsound Powerboost. Used by Gilmour, T-Rex and found all over many 70’s recordings. This is unique to all other clones as it is fitted with a voltage doubler to give you the extra headroom of the earliest and original 18v Powerboost but still runs from a standard 9v supply



Synonymous with David Gilmour’s tone during Pink Floyd’s Division Bell tour this muff is arguably the biggest and the heaviest of them all.  For those searching the creamiest of smooth lead tones and crushing rhythms this is the go to pedal.




Origin Effects Cali76-TX


The 1176 is a much loved, premium quality studio compressor and in many ways is the «industry standard» vintage studio compressor. The Cali76 offers studio compression in a pedal, or desk-top format… Compared to existing guitar compressors the Cali76 represents a high-fidelity, low noise solution with no signal degradation…


Gurus Echosex 2


ECHOSEX 2 is the Gurus Amps Reissue of the legendary BINSON ECHOREC the notorious Echo unit. The signal path is fully analog and tube-state, recreates that «binson System» made of Tube Preamp/Head Simulation/Filters.

Echosex 2 User’s Manual

Providence Chrono Delay


The DLY-4 Chrono Delay combines features never found in a single, compact delay pedal. It’s analog, features extremely accurate tempo settings (tap tempo included), a bright LED readout and of course unbelievable delay tones! Delay time is adjustable from 1 to 2700 milliseconds. The VITALIZER® prevents degradation of the direct signal and the mixer that combines the direct signal with the delay signal are analog circuits that have been designed and built to the highest possible sonic standards.





Hartman Analog Flanger


The Hartman Analog Flanger is a meticulous recreation of one of the early greats, the EH Electric Mistress  (not the Deluxe, not the Stereo, the original).  The Hartman achieves vivid but transparent sounding flange and static-filter effects and combines them with heavy-duty true-bypass switching, LED indicator, and the ability to run off of a single 9V battery.

MXR ’74 Vintage Phase 90

The MXR Phase 90 set the benchmark for phasers, with its thick and rich tone. MXR in-house work horse, purchased in 1974, was meticulously spec’d and recreated as the ’74 Vintage Phase 90. The hand-wired board features select resistors paired with handmatched FETs to achieve the same smooth and warm modulation as the original. The ’74 Vintage Phase 90 comes housed in the classic orange finished box and is adorned with the unmistakable Script logo.

CostaLab ChorusLab

Costalab-chorusThe CostaLab ChorusLab is appreciated by guitarists and bassists for the depth and the warmth of its timbre, in addition to the great intelligibility that, typically in the circuits where the signal is forced into long and complex paths, is missing. Gradually over time, the chorus has become an indispensable tool for arpeggios and  strumming accompaniment. The ChorusLab resumes this tradition with a soft, deep, enveloping and well defined sound.



MT tube preamp


MT tube preamp is designed on the base of the section of preamp of guitar amplifier SUNN Model-T of 1973 on two ECC83 S (12ax7 EH) tubes. In fact it is a channel tube of our pedal “tube beta hybrid” in a separate box, but there is one difference. This preamp has got two regulators of gain. Normal and Bright ( as amplifier Sunn Model-T) It gives possibility to change “brightness” of the signal smoothly.

Preamp has TRUE BYPASS operated by relay. It works so that when power supply disappears (ex: someone pulled out the cord by a foot by chance) the pedal switches into mode bypass and sound doesn’t disappear.



Pedal contains two different and independent devices in one box. Two channel splitter is to the right. Two channel blender is to the left. In and out of this pedal do not depend on each other. In is for splitter and Out is for blender.

The blender has two inputs A and B and can be on/off by the right switch A+B. When it is on the LED indicator beside the switch blend is on. When blender is on, signals from both inputs are blended and lead the out. You can regulate correlation of signals with the help of knob blend. There is one more difference between channel A and channel B. If there are no connection In channel B then a signal from input of the splitter in is lead to the channel B with the help of inner splint. This allows to blend direct signal with processed signal. The inner connection is off when the plug is on to the channel B. If the blender is off the signal from one of the channel leads directly to out (true bypass). The left footswitch A/B switches either A or B signal leads to the out. The correspondent indicators is on. 9 VDC outside stabilizing power supply is necessary for functioning of this pedal.



Hartke HA5500

The HA5500’s unique circuitry ensures that every nuance of your bass performance is faithfully reproduced. Featuring two pre-amp input knobs for custom blending of tube and solid state tone and a ten-band graphic EQ, the HA5500 is ideal for the player who wants plenty of power and control.




Hartke 4.5 XL — 4×10 with HF Driver Cabinet

Professionals choose the XL Series because of its carefully calibrated and tuned cabinet design and high quality aluminum-cone drivers. XLs produce a smooth response along with the clear, punchy attack that changed the sound of bass. Each cabinet is built tough with a shockproof metal grill, reinforced corners, recessed carry handles and a rugged covering.

Maximum impact. Four Hartke 10″ drivers and a custom 5″ high-frequency speaker in a tuned, ported cabinet. Handles up to 400 watts at 8 ohms. Wide frequency response of 30 Hz to 12 kHz for more coverage. Ultimate Hartke.




Yerasov BASSTA 410 — 4×10 Cabinet

Speakers: 4+twitter
Power: 400 Watts
Dimensions: 670х685х490
Impendance: 8 Ohm
Weight: 45 kgs
Speaker Size: 10″
Speakers Type: Celestion B100



EBS ValveDrive — Class A Tube Preamp / Overdrive Pedal


EBS ValveDrive offers the possibility for classic and traditional warm tube sounds up to hard and pure tube distortion.The EBS ValveDrive tube preamp/overdrive pedal can make your bass either glow or growl, whether you want your instrument to sing or scream. The EBS ValveDrive delivers everything, from classic tube warmth to hard and pure tube distortion. The design in steel, chrome and Bakelite is based on a classic concept with an easy dial-in design.


EBS MicroBass II — 2-Channel Preamp / DI-box.


Two Channels and A Useful Loop. The MicroBass II can be used as an active direct box, a one or two channel preamp, instrument switcher or blender.


EBS WahOne — Wah-Wah/Volume Pedal


The EBS WahOne is a truly versatile wah-wah pedal designed specifically to enhance your bass groove. This unique pedal is based on the classic wah-wah concept but with extended features. With an easy dial-in design the choice is yours — use it as a wah-wah filter or volume pedal.


EBS MultiComp — True Dual Band Compressor


The EBS MultiComp is a high-performance, true dual-band analog compressor pedal. It gives discerning bassists a choice between rack-quality solid state, tube simulation, and multi-band compression modes in a stage-ready pedal format. It has a compression level knob, gain level knob, and an active/passive signal switch.


EBS MetalDrive — High Gain Distorion Pedal


The EBS MetalDrive is an ultra compact and robust box, capable of producing high gain distortion and many other useful mean “tubeamp”, distorted sounds. The overdrive engine that makes this all possible is a simulation circuit, which emulates a classic vintage style preamp tube. The EBS MetalDrives’ high quality makes this pedal a perfect choice for the recording environment, as well as live playing.


EBS Unichorus — Flanger, Chorus


With the EBS UniChorus you can choose between low noise studio quality Chorus, Flange and Pitch Modulation effects. Analog Processing. The pedal is built with the best analog processing circuitry available. This gives a smoother, warmer and fatter sounding chorus/flange effect, useful both for live and studio performances.